Jefferson Co. interracial couple receives racist, threatening le -

Jefferson Co. interracial couple receives racist, threatening letter day after Christmas

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- A letter sent to an interracial couple in Jefferson County has police officers on alert.

The letter, which used racist language and carried a vague threat of violence, was hand delivered the day after Christmas to the family’s home in Crystal City.  

A knock on the door at 2 p.m. drew the couple’s attention, but when they opened the door there was only the message waiting in their mailbox, sent from The Sons of Liberty. The letter said the group has pledged to take up arms against all enemies of the United Sates and, in its most offensive language, says that includes:

“…rag-heads, mixed breeders and their offspring.” It goes on to say the group, “will strike our enemies when the day comes.”

There is a militia group called Sons of Liberty with chapters in Illinois, but police in Crystal City say they have never heard of anyone or any group using that name in the area.

Whoever is behind it, police are looking for them.

“It’s not welcome here, said Crystal City Police Chief Jeff McCreary. “It’s just not.”

Police are concerned about the vague threat and the way it was hand delivered, especially since the couple has children living in the home.

“Anytime someone goes to that length to personally deliver something like that, even though they didn’t contact the resident, it kind of makes you wonder what their intention may be,” McCreary said.

The letter doesn’t say when or how those behind it will “strike their enemies.”

Police say no one saw who delivered the letter and don’t have many clues as of yet. If caught, the person behind it could be charged with a hate crime which is a felony.

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