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Woman's selfie aids in her rescue after vicious assault

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

Warning: Some images in this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

(KMOV) -- A Kentucky woman says Facebook may have saved her life when she posted a "selfie" of herself after a vicious beating by her husband.

The woman told authorities her husband beat her with a gun and then ripped out the phone lines to prevent her from calling 9-1-1.

According to authorities, the woman did not have cell reception and desperately needed help.

Authorities say the woman used her Wi-Fi to post the bloodied picture of herself to Facebook with the caption "Help....please anyone."

One of her Facebook friends reportedly saw the post and called police.

Leslie County Sheriff's Deputy Sam Mullens described seeing the photo.

"Several lacerations to the head. They appeared to be bad but we really couldn't tell at the time, due to her hair was matted to her, and the blood."

When deputies finally arrived, they say the husband was gone.

However, investigators were able to track him down and he is now in custody.

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