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Police concerned about rash of break-ins in Columbia, Ill.

(KMOV.com) – Police tell News 4 criminals in Columbia, Ill. have been breaking into both cars and homes at an alarming rate.

Police said 21 cars have been broken into since Dec. 25; six were broken into Friday night alone. Authorities also said the break-ins have been occurring throughout the city, where criminals are targeting unlocked cars and taking loose change and cash.

According to authorities, someone broke into a home on Evergreen Street while the owners were asleep inside. Police said the residents slept through the entire event and did not discover that several electronic devices had been stolen until the next morning.

"It's something that doesn't happen real frequently here, but we are concerned and we are on top of it and doing everything we can to follow through with the leads we do have, but we are looking for the help from the public," Columbia Deputy Police Chief Jerry Paul said.

Authorities are advising residents to lock their cars and house doors.

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