Thieves break into Edwardsville home while woman sleeps -

Thieves break into Edwardsville home while woman sleeps

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV) – Police are investigating a string of burglaries taking place while Edwardsville homeowners sleep.

The thieves are targeting unlocked cars and unlocked homes in an Edwardsville subdivision. In one case, the female victim slept through the whole ordeal.

“If you knew me, you wouldn’t be surprised by that my mother used to say I don’t know how you can raise children the way you sleep. I sleep very, very sound,” said victim Mary McKinney.

The burglars were creeping around her home a few days ago in the early morning hours as she slept.

“You hear stories of old granny ran off somebody or took a gun from somebody and I’m not sure I’m that little old lady I used to be,” said McKinney.

Edwardsville Police believe those same thieves are responsible for breaking into three cars in the Center Grove neighborhood along Pleasant Grove Road.

Chief Jay Keeven said the crooks only took items from cars left unlocked.

“We believe it’s probably more than one person involved we can’t tell you two or three or five but more than one on this incident,” said Chief Keeven.

Keeven was also concerned that if the crooks were bold enough to enter an occupied home, they could go further and that thought has residents worried.

“It’s always somebody else’s neighborhood it’s never been here before and it’s a nice street and nice place to live,” said neighbor, Robert Prange.

McKinney said, “We’re making sure we have everything double locked and the alarm system on so hopefully this doesn’t happen again.” 

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