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WWII veteran beaten, left unconscious

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(KMOV) – Police in Kentucky are searching for a woman after she allegedly beat a 90-year-old WWII veteran Saturday morning.

Ralph Covington opened his door early Saturday morning to find a woman who he mistakenly took for a relative.

The woman, whom he helped regardless, reportedly told Covington she needed help.

"She said her mother had locked her out and her mother was keeping her baby, and she needed $40 to pay her mother," Covington said.

Several hours later the woman came back.

Covington told authorities she was looking for money but this time he told her he couldn’t help her.

"I said, 'I'm on a fixed income and I can't give you anymore.'"

The woman, who police identify as Amanda Pergram, reportedly grabbed Covington’s truck keys as she walked out of his home.

Covington told authorities he followed her.

As he approached her, Covington said she turned around and began to assault him.

"She spun me around and grabbed that jacket and threw me down like a baby, jumped down on top of me and started ramming my head, beating my head."

Nearly an hour later, Covington awoke from being knocked out and called police from a usual breakfast spot.

According to authorities, Covington was left black and blue with a concussion, a broken jaw in two places, and stitches on his nose.

The 90-year-old veteran told reporters he made six trips through North Africa, Oran (Algeria), and Casablanca (Morocco), outrunning German submarines. 

Authorities are now searching for Pergram and have issued warrants for robbery and assault.

Officers say it's likely Pergram was released from jail just days before this attack.








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