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Drummond: 2013 a season of what ifs for Rams

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

Now that the Rams are just one win away from a .500 season beating Tampa Bay 23-13 on Sunday, can we now play the “What If” game?

1. What if Sam Bradford hadn’t gotten hurt?

2. What if the Rams pulled off two close home games against Seattle and Tennessee?

3. What if Zac Stacy started in the Rams backfield earlier in the season?

4. What if the Rams found more creative ways of getting Tavon Austin the ball sooner?

5. What if Steadman Bailey played more?

However, the Rams did change their offensive personality at midseason.

“Run the football, play good defense, and then the other things happen,” said Head Coach Jeff Fisher. “ They stem off of those things. You play good defense, you rush the passer, get off the field on 3rd down, and run the football and then good things happen. You saw that today. You saw Kel managing the game and making big throws, the touch throws and the tough throws, that’s how you have to win.”

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