QA with Green Bay Packers Examiner -

QA with Green Bay Packers Examiner

Each week I will try to get the Rams opponent's Examiner to take a look at this week's game. This week the Rams take on a Packers team that was embarrassed at home last week against the Bengals. They are definitely a team that needs a win this weekend. Green Bay Packers Examiner Mark Strotman gives his insight into this weekend's game.

I think there are a lot of Rams fans who were shocked by what happened to the Packers against the Bengals. What happened?

The Bengals seem poised to have a resurgent year. Minus Carson Palmer's mistakes, they looked very good on offense and their defense looks much improved. The combination of Leon Hall covering other team's number one receiver and Antwan Odom getting to the quarterback at will is a darn good one. The Packers are ready to get back on track and simply had a bump in the road that was going to happen at some point this season.

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