QA with Washington Redskins Examiner -

QA with Washington Redskins Examiner

Each week I will try to get the Rams opponent's Examiner to take a look at this week's game. This week the Rams take on a Redskins team that is in need of a win after losing on the road against the NY Giants. Washington Redskins Examiner Mark Newgent has been a lifelong Redskins fan and gives his insight into this weekend's game.

Last year the Rams shocked the Redskins in D.C. is there any chance the Rams catch the Redskins off guard again?

If this game was being played in the same point in the schedule as last year, I might say yes. However, this is game two, the home opener, and the Redskins are coming off a loss to the Giants where they just didn't execute. The Redskins will come out determined, so I don't think the Rams catch them napping again.

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