After further review: Breaking down the Rams/Redskins tape -

After further review: Breaking down the Rams/Redskins tape

Each week I will break down five plays that dramatically changed the face of the game and try to explain who did what well and who failed in their assignments. Since the talent level is so close in the NFL it is usually 5-10 plays that make all the difference. Here is a breakdown of five of those plays in the Rams vs. Redskins game...

Play One: Steven Jackson 62 yard run (7:48-2nd Quarter)

This was by far the best play of the season for the Rams on offense and it was still marred by a stupid block in the back penalty by Donnie Avery. The reason this play was successful is because Richie Incognito did a terrific combination block with Jason Brown that took care of Cornelius Griffin then took care of London Fletcher. That block with the combination of Steven Jackson's speed and the poor angle by safety Chris Horton sprung Jackson loose. That is the margin in the NFL. One good block and one bad angle and you can have a big play happen for your offense.

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