Team approach works in child sex abuse cases -

Team approach works in child sex abuse cases

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the second of two parts about the difficulties of prosecuting sexual abuse cases involving children.

EDWARDSVILLE - Madison County Sheriff Bob Hertz formerly taught a criminal justice class in which he gave an assignment to illustrate a point about the difficulty of solving and prosecuting child sex abuse cases.

"I would tell them to take out a piece of paper and write down their most enjoyable sexual experience, and then I would leave the room," Hertz said.

He would wait about 10 minutes, then return and ask which student wanted to go first in reading what they had written before the entire class. He seldom got any takers, even when he prompted the students to volunteer.

"I would then tell them to imagine reciting their worst sexual experience to a stranger or a roomful of strangers," Hertz said. "It would illustrate the difficulty of prosecuting the crimes that are happening all too often to our children."

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