Probation officers prepare for final day -

Probation officers prepare for final day

On Sept. 2, Daryl Seaman got the bad news. Eleven-and-a-half years after he was hired as an adult probation officer for Madison County, Seaman will have to begin looking for a new job. Twenty-nine of his colleagues at the Madison County Probation and Court Services Department also got the pink slips. Monday is their last day.

While Gov. Pat Quinn has vowed to restore $16 million of the $36 million he cut from the state's probation departments, it is still unclear how much of that money will actually make its way to Madison County.

For Seaman, 46, it means no more visits to an offender's homes, no more helping an offender find a job. It means he will no longer line up treatment sessions and mental health evaluations or check with an offender to make sure he's actually living where he says he's living. After Sept. 21, Seaman won't be around to make sure an offender follows his court order or see to it that he gets signed up for GED classes.

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