Great Forest Park Balloon Race sails into Brentwood, Ladue -

Great Forest Park Balloon Race sails into Brentwood, Ladue

Forest Park ( - Overcast skies and an occasional sprinkle did little to dampen the excitement surrounding this year's Great Forest Park Balloon Race.

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Ten of thousands of people crowded Forest Park to see the field of colorful balloons prepare for the annual race.? This was the 37 th year for the event.

For the second year in a row the giant Energizer Bunny balloon stayed on the ground.? This year the KMOX sponsored balloon was pressed into service to act as the "hare" balloon.

This year winds pushed the field to the southwest with the KMOX balloon landing at Brentwood High School.?

Once the hare balloon lands a giant "X" is spread out on the ground.? The goal for the chase balloons is to sail in and sink down low enough so that the pilot can drop a bean bag on the target.

This year's winner was pilot Dick Gross of Lelander, Texas flying the balloon.? Gross managed to toss his bean bag just 26 feet from the target.

Some of the balloons sailed over Brentwood, landing in Ladue.

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