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Quinn partially restores probation funding

On Tuesday, Gov. Pat Quinn restored $16 million in funding for probation services in Illinois. The announcement will allow Madison County to retain some of the 30 probation and detention officers who are slated to be cut on Sept. 21.

"I think at this point we're thrilled," Madison County Probation Director Judy Dallas said Tuesday afternoon. "Even if we can only bring back half, it's that much more work we can get accomplished."

The move came after state lawmakers earlier this year funded the Illinois Supreme Court's budget for operational expenses and grants at only 56 percent of the court's request.

The state's 65 probation departments are reimbursed up to 65 percent for the salaries of their probation officers, according to a news release from the Illinois Supreme Court.

Quinn's action brought the high court's funding level to 82 percent of what it got last fiscal year.

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