GM offering a money back guarantee plan -

GM offering a money back guarantee plan

(KMOV)- General Motors is trying to get you in the showroom with an old fashioned business promise, the money back guarantee.


Under GM's new plan, she can bring it back after 30 days, but not after 60. A money back guarantee, no questions asked.


And while it may not be as simple as returning a toaster to the department store, GM is hoping it will be easier on dealers than the Cash for Clunkers program.


Cars can come back as long as they're under 4,000 miles and have no damage. In order to return a car, the owner has to call a number and set an appointment with a separate vendor and the car comes back to the dealership.


There is another twist to this. GM is also offering customers a $500 rebate if they elect not to take the money back guarantee option and given the state of the economy these days, many believe most customers will be taking the money instead of taking the car back.?

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