Mayor orders DUI background check -

Mayor orders DUI background check

ALTON - Mayor Tom Hoechst is having police run checks on employees who drive city vehicles to find workers who have lost their driver's licenses because of DUI convictions.

Anyone who turns up in the search with a suspended or revoked license - so far, two employees - is asked to sign an agreement to go on unpaid leave of absence.

"We've run two departments so far," Hoechst said of the checks, estimating that police should get through the rest of the departments by the end of the month. The records search only is for those who drive city vehicles.

"This has got to come to a stop," the mayor said. "We are offering a one-year suspension with no pay, no benefits, no accumulated seniority, absolutely nothing. Under my watch, no deals are being cut. I am hitting these things head-on. Everyone in the city knows the policy. There is a policy in place, they know what the consequences are. Everybody is treated the same."

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