Former Blues player granted full parole -

Former Blues player granted full parole

KINGSTON, Ontario (AP) -- Former St. Louis Blues player Mike Danton is getting out of prison.

Danton was granted full parole today by Canada's National Parole Board in his native Ontario after serving much of the seven-and-a-half year sentence handed to him by a federal judge in East St. Louis, Ill.

Danton pleaded guilty five years ago in a failed murder-for-hire plot. Prosecutors said he targeted David Frost, the player's former junior coach who became Danton's mentor and agent. But at today's hearing, Danton said the intended target was his father, not Frost.

The board concluded that while it was a very serious offense, Danton has benefited from therapy and would be a low risk.

Danton spent parts of three seasons with the St. Louis Blues and New Jersey Devils.

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