International students still flocking to UI -

International students still flocking to UI

Because of changes in foreign travel since the Sept. 11 attacks, visitors to the United States have faced new regulations and restrictions. However, statistics show the percentage of international students at the University has increased over the past eight years.

"For a while right after 9/11 there was a dip in international students coming to the U.S., and depending who you talk to, that could have been for two reasons," said Kenneth Warren, president of Educational Perspectives, a not-for-profit educational research organization that works with international students. "It may be that the students themselves didn't want to come to the U.S. or the University may have been wary of admitting international students."

In the years after Sept. 11, the number of international students studying in the U.S. has increased, according to the Institute of International Education, a not-for-profit that collects data on international students and administers the Fulbright scholarship on behalf of the US Department of State.

"Now there's more international students here than there was before 9/11," Warren said.

Since Sept. 11, the federal government has imposed some rules and regulations on international students entering the country on student visas.

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