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Wanted bank robber might be traveling with missing woman

(KMOV) -- A bank robber wanted for a string of hold-ups across the nation may have hit in the Metro-East.

This happened around 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday at the UMB Bank on North Main in Caseyville, Illinois.

The FBI tells News 4 that Chad Schaffner allegedly stormed into the bank waving a gun. He is accused of stealing an undisclosed amount of money.

No one was harmed in the incident.

But it turns out the bank might not have been the suspects original target. Moments before walking into the bank Schaffner went to Handee Mart in the 400 block of North Main Street. He bought a Red Bull and water and the clerk is convinced he wanted a lot more. The clerk told News 4 Schaffner was in her store 30 minutes prior to the bank robbery. She wears a buzzer around her neck that goes directly to the police department if there's a problem. She thinks that's why Schaffner opted for the bank over her place.



The Caseyville chief believes Schaffner spent several hours in Caseyville planning the crime the day of the robbery.

The FBI calls Schaffner a dangerous criminal. He is on the America's Most Wanted list.

Investigators say they know the man in the surveillance photos is Schaffner because he does nothing to hide his identity.

Police told News 4 Schaffner might be traveling with a woman who was reported missing out of Tennessee. Schaffner is driving a Chrysler Concorde and police say it belongs to the missing woman. At this point they are not releasing her name or picture, because they don't know how she's involved with the suspect.


Schaffner is about 6 feet tall, 175 to 200 lbs with multiple black and white tattoos. He was last seen driving a red Chrysler Concorde with Tennessee plates 5-3-4-Q-H-C and rust on the roof.

He's wanted in connection with a string of bank robberies in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and in South Carolina.

If you have any information about his whereabouts call 911 immediately.


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