Bar battle spills into courtroom -

Bar battle spills into courtroom

A former co-owner of Sharky's Sports Bar has filed a lawsuit against

Maryville village officials, claiming that police there unfairly

arrested him three years ago for entering his own bar.

The suit, filed by Gary Lutman of Collinsville, names as defendants

Maryville Mayor Larry Gullege, Maryville Police Chief Richard

Schardan and two Maryville police officers, Thomas Kanzler and Mike


It alleges that police and village officials conspired with his

former wife, Sherry Lutman, to prevent him from stepping foot inside

the bar, which is at 2537 Vandalia St. in Collinsville.

The suit is the latest action in a larger struggle between the

Lutmans, who married in 1982. For several years, they ran Sharky's as

90 percent owners. Then they divorced in 1999, and as part of the

settlement agreement each retained 45 percent ownership. A Granite

City man, Richard Gibson, owned 10 percent.

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