Virginia's Blog: Its So Much Easier To Be You -

Virginia's Blog: Its So Much Easier To Be You

When I started my life as an anchor on New’s 4 This Morning back in 2005 it was a big adjustment. Afterall, I had been the fun, wacky “female Tim Ezell” for the last two years. Every morning, I would get to work at 4 in the morning, jump in the news truck and head off to a new adventure. My favorites..rapelling down the side a building with local high school students, sitting on a bull that had been retired from the rodeo for being “too wild”.. okay that was a most memorable not favorite, Oh! My Grab and Glam segments when I grabbed people off the streets and gave them a full-on ambush makeover on live tv, flying over the highest building in St Louis from a construction get the idea.

It was easy to be myself. At least on tv. Not so much in the personal life. People assume you’re one of those hoity toity’s who only hang out with certain social lites and be seen at certain places if you’re on tv. Even though my idea of a good time was wearing a ballcap, jeans and roughed up boots and watching college football or having a few frosty cold ones at a Cardinal game. I was driving a car I couldn’t afford, wearing clothes that were way outside my budget and hanging with the cool crowds..all the while dying inside. Hating myself. Hating being fake. Hating trying to impress. I drowned the self loathing in alcohol and food..making it even worse…and of course I exercised 7 days a week like a cool tv person should. So I thought.

THEN I get promoted to be the anchor of the morning show I’d been the goofball on for the last two years. And of course I was happy because it was a big move up the ladder right! Wrong! Now, the only place where I was comfortable being myself was my head at least. I tried so hard  to look credible, lower my voice, and have that expression of “I really care about this story but not too much because I’m a serious, objective journalist”…AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! And then a wise man told wise boss that is..told me something I think of to this day. “Virginia, you’re a much better Virginia than you are a “Sally the anchor woman.”

Now I’m not a quick learner. So it didn’t click right then and there. It was a process. But I’m proud to say. The Virginia Kerr you see and meet today is the real deal. God made every one of us exactly how he wanted us. To this day I get annoyed because I cry so easily when I tell any kind of story…happy, sad, exciting..doesn’t matter…I’m tearing up…and yeah that’s not what you want in a hard hitting journalist ;)  But even that trait is something God gave me for a reason…not sure why but I don’t question it.  

Now, if you see me on the weekends chances are I have on work boots on and a ballcap. Cooking homemade chili and watching an Alabama football or Cards game with my husband is my idea of a romantic dinner. I have a field of corn growing in my backyard and my dream car is the old 70’s Ford truck sittin in our shed out back…doesn’t run right now but it will one day and I’ll be behind the wheel.

It’s so much easier being the Virginia Kerr God intended. Who are you trying to be?

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