Ladue Middle School on high alert following social media threat -

Ladue Middle School on high alert following social media threat

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

LADUE, Mo. ( – Ladue School District officials had increased security at its schools Thursday after a perceived threat was posted on a popular social media outlet.

Ladue Schools’ Director of Communications Susan Dielmann said in a statement that no specific action was specified in the threat. Dielmann added that there is a strong possibility the extra precautions might be an over-reaction, however, district officials were taking the situation very seriously and are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of students and staff.

“There was an Instagram posting last night that used a profile picture, a picture of the Newtown, Conn. shooter. The posting said that talking to the media will not stop me,” said Dielmann.

According to Dielmann, the district assumed the threat meant it would not stop the person from posting more pictures.

“…But it raises an extra level of concern obviously when there’s a picture of the Newtown, Conn. shooter associated with it and that’s the reason for the heightened security and a little more vigilance,” said Dielmann.

The news of the threat comes one day after the school district worked to shut down an Instagram account called “Ladue’s Ugliest.”

The account was reportedly set up earlier this week and featured mean comments accompanied by pictures of Ladue Middle School students.

Authorities and school officials said they were investigating if the person responsible for setting up the “Ladue’s Ugliest” account is the same person responsible for the threat.

“There have been two different postings using two slightly different names and actually, now at this point, if you try to go on them, you can’t, they’ve already been pulled off,” said Dielmann.

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