Brentwood considering returning to red light cameras -

Brentwood considering returning to red light cameras

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

( – The City of Brentwood’s red light cameras have been out of service since April, but the city is now considering putting them back into rotation and add more intersections in the process.

This spring, city officials let the contract with American Traffic Solutions expire.

ATS sets up the cameras and takes a percentage of the fine, usually about a third.

Alderman Thomas Kramer says the city let the contract expire because there were several different members on the Board of Aldermen when the program was first set up, and the current board wasn’t necessarily sold on the idea.

At least one other alderman we talked with was strongly opposed, but Kramer says these are violations that need policing.

“This is a serious violation,” he said. This is not going above the speed limit, this is running a red light with other vehicles approaching.”

Red light cameras had been in Brentwood for about seven years.

One of their cameras caught an accident last February when a Missouri American Water worker was hit while working in the road.

Additionally, a News 4 investigation shows that while some municipalities do rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars from red light cameras, Brentwood has only made about $30,000 while the cameras have been in place.

“We haven’t seen any real financial boon from this at all,” said Major Dan Fitzgerald with the Brentwood Police. “As a matter of fact it’s been a whole lot less than we thought it would be which is fine because that’s not the reason we did it.”

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