St. Charles County to receive federal aid following strong storm -

St. Charles County to receive federal aid following strong storms, flooding

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

( -- Nearly two months have passed since severe storms and flooding rolled through St Charles County.

The local government has spent millions of dollars trying to clean up, but Tuesday, good news came for local areas now dealing with depleted resources from the storm damage.

County leaders tell News 4 they’ve been anxiously waiting to find out if they would not qualify for federal disaster aid.

Huge portions of the $2 million dollar cost come from debris pickup and building inspections.

In dealing with the flooding in West Alton, the county spent thousands of dollars on sand, rock and other efforts to prevent a major levee breach.

Without Tuesday’s pending reimbursement, county officials say they would have had to dip in to the general operations fund.

“The Economy is getting a little bit better now so our revenue is gradually going up, but this would have been a real severe blow to our recovery- trying to get back to where we were several years ago before the recession,” said County Executive Steve Ehlmann.

County officials still don’t know how much money they will get. 26 other Missouri counties will also get some federal aid.

FEMA representatives will visit locally next week to talk about exactly how much each county will get.

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