St. Louis County: Six Flags roller coasters are safe -

St. Louis County: Six Flags roller coasters are safe

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

( – In the wake of the fatal accident at the Six Flags theme park in the Dallas area, a News 4 viewer contacted News 4 to say he has concerns about safety at the Six Flags park in Eureka.

He said the park's maintenance department is overworked and doesn't have enough staff to keep up with routine maintenance.

So we contacted a Six Flags representative who would not answer specific questions but Elizabeth Gotay sent us a statement saying, "The safety of our guests and employees is our top priority." The statement went on to say, "We invest the greatest amount of resources in our safety and maintenance programs."

Before opening each spring, rides at Six Flags are inspected by St. Louis County code enforcement officers.

They're also checked thoroughly by inspectors with the state of Missouri and inspectors with an independent contractor hired by Six Flags, but approved by the county and the state.

 St. Louis County spokesman David Wrone told News 4 that county inspectors are thorough, "With the roller coaster; every bar is checked manually to make sure it latches properly."

He also said they've never found any serious problems and that minor problems are correctly quickly. He had this conclusion about roller coasters at Six Flags, St. Louis, "This most recent year we didn't see anything unusual or alarming, in our opinion they're safe rides."

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