Health inspections reveal some local restaurants serving up dirt -

Health inspections reveal some local restaurants serving up dirty dining

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- News 4 dug through restaurant inspection reports and found several restaurants that are putting residents' health at risk.

Dead roaches were not only found in food but on the floor and in closed containers. According to the St. Louis County Health Department, employees at Sun Restaurant were also caught not washing their hands between tasks and pots and pans were found stored on the floor.

Employee Lien Ung said “we know roaches found in the food are gross. I’m upset too and we don’t know where it came from. We have no reason to lie about that.”

The health department rates restaurants on a scale of 100 being the highest rating. In June the Sun Restaurant received 65 out of 100 when inspected.

They were given 10 days to clean it up. Ung said,” we didn’t do it on purpose. We got the pest control company and they come twice a month.”

The second time around they passed. The Sun Restaurant received an A.

Asian Kitchen in Olivette didn’t pass this month’s inspection. They got 78 out of 100. Mold in the ice machine, raw chicken on top of seafood, and employees drinking out of cups without a lid while cooking your food were all flagged in the health department’s report.

Asian Kitchen is up for re-inspection this week.

Denny’s in Florissant passed with a high 98 out of 100 on July 11.

Mayuri India Restaurant in Olivette passed with a 97 out of 100; only getting flagged for paint peeling in the bathroom.

News 4 will continue to follow up on possible health violations at area restaurants.  

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