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Woman suing Metro-East town after tripping over sidewalk

(KMOV.com) -- A Metro-East city is facing a $50,000 lawsuit about its sidewalks after a woman fell and broke her hand.

The woman said she tripped over a depressed section of a sidewalk in Maryville, Ill., and the lawsuit blames Maryville saying they built a sidewalk with a “tripping hazard” and did not warn the public.

Maryville City has already fixed the sidewalk located by the Casey’s General Store at Route 159 and Main.

Citizens in Maryville said they don’t believe the sidewalks are dangerous.

“I find it hard to believe that we had anything that hazardous,” said Kurt Mueller, “You got to take responsibility for your own actions.”

The lawsuit says in September of 2012, the woman tripped over the depressed section of sidewalk and fractured her left hand. It says the woman racked up medical bill and lost wages that total more than $50,000.

Maryville officials said they have turned the lawsuit over to the insurance company.

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