Residents, city leaders voice concern on increase in youth viole -

Residents, city leaders voice concern on increase in youth violence

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – Youth violence was the topic of a town hall-style meeting in St. Louis Thursday night.

Those who attended were able to voice their concerns in front of Mayor Slay and Police Chief Sam Dotson.

Hundreds were in attendance at the DJCF Community Center on North Union at the event put on by 104.1 and 95.5 FM radio stations.  Many of whom were fed up with the amount of youth violence in the city.

One religious leader on the panel told parents they need to take better care of their kids and set better examples at home.  Others speaking to the crowd said parents should do more to encourage their kids to get involved with organized sports.

Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Chief Sam Dotson has said publicly recently that crime is down in St. Louis.  When interviewed by News 4 Thursday, he said he understand why those at the Town Hall were upset.

“Crime is personal, and anytime you're victimized, any time your family is victimized, your friends, it's personal.  And I understand that, but the reality is crime is down, but one crime is too many, One act of violence towards your family is too many,” said Dotson. 

Organizers say more of these will need to happen to make a big difference.

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