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Dream house raffle winner gets thousands rather than million advertised

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 (KMOV) --  A woman won the grand prize in the St. Louis dream house raffle but she did not walk away with the advertised million dollar prize.

In the ads, the benefit for the National Wheelchair Basketball Association promised a $1.8 million house in Chesterfield or $1 million in cash.

“There was a lot of marketing done saying people could win a dream house but in that advertising it didn’t reveal there had to be a large number of tickets sold for a house to be given away.”

Maureen Toland was the grand prize winner of the raffle.

“When I asked what I won. He said you won the grand prize. I said okay, what did I win? He said, well you didn’t win the house,” Toland said.

After digging into the fine print on the contest website, it said 45,000 tickets had to be sold.

The contest only sold 8,000 tickets at $150 a ticket, making $1.2 million in profit.

“They offered me $77,000 in a 20-year annuity or $60,000 cash and supposedly the basketball association got the same amount,” Toland said.

Toland chose to receive $60,000 in cash and another $60,000 went to the wheelchair basketball charity.

News 4 placed a call with the executive director of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association to see where the rest of the money raised is going.

No one returned several calls made to the association.

Maureen is not greedy and glad she won. She received a check two weeks ago and it was cashed a short time later.

“I’m thankful I won the money but disappointed it wasn’t what they promised,” Toland stated.

Another company was involved in this contest, Raffle Administration Corp, based in San Francisco.

That company ran the raffle and gets money off the top. News 4 was unable to locate a representative with this company to speak with. 

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