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Woman shocked by pregnancy after having 'tubes tied'

SWEENY, Texas -- On Main Street in Sweeny, the Family Dollar Store is the kind of place where people come to get bargains, but the manager of the store recently got something she wasn’t bargaining for.

“It’s possible,” said 23-year-old Destiny Free, when asked how she could not know she was pregnant. “Trust me. It’s possible.”

Christian Free was born July 12, weighing in at a healthy 7 pounds. His mother said her body exhibited no signs of pregnancy until early that morning.

“My water broke, and I knew I wasn’t pregnant,” Free said. “I just had my tubes tied in October.”

Free drove herself to the nearby Sweeny Community Hospital where she was promptly told that they do not deliver babies there.

However, Christian was not going to wait. Free was only in child labor for 38 minutes before Christian was born.

She and Christian were then transferred to the University of Texas Medical Branch, where she learned the truth about her tubal ligation.

“The doctor said that there is a 1 percent chance it didn’t work,” Free said.

Free’s aunt was almost as shocked as the unsuspecting mother about the pregnancy.

“She just looked like a normal person, not pregnant,” said Joyce Free. “When I got the call, and they said Destiny, she had a boy, I said, ‘Destiny who?’ Everybody was saying, ‘Destiny who?’”

Destiny Free, who puts in as many as 60 hours a week at her job, already has three children. As for the fourth, although unexpected, the mother describes him as a blessing.

“He’s a blessing, and I love him to death already,” said Free. “I wouldn’t give him up for anything in the world. He’s here. He’s my miracle baby.”

He’s Destiny’s child.

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