Belleville Craigslist ad showing graphic photo of abused dog dee -

Belleville Craigslist ad showing graphic photo of abused dog deemed a hoax

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) –A disturbing Belleville Craigslist ad showing a graphic photo of an abused dog has been determined to be a hoax, police said Tuesday.

The graphic photo shows a beaten dog, possibly beaten to death, with a headline “Keeping Peace in Belleville.”

The ad was placed on Craigslist in St. Louis’s Rants and Rave section of the sharing-social media site. The posting, dated July 12, has a picture of a bloodied dog with a caption “530 in the morning is not the time to hear your dog barking – a good dog is a quiet dog.”

Craigslist removed the photo within the hour after News 4’s Matt Sczesny emailed the site asking for a comment.

Police said they investigated the photo and determined it was the same one used in a December 2011 news article from Australia.

The article also shows an Australian man pictured with the photo on his telephone after finding the dog.

The gruesome picture had one dog group trying to find out who was  behind it.

Jackie Spiker of Hope Rescues in Alton said her Facebook page was full of comments and offers to help over the Craigslist posting.


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