Study: Aspirin could reduce cancer risk for women -

Study: Aspirin could reduce cancer risk for women

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- A new study shows aspirin could do more than ease a headache and prevent a heart attack.

Taking low dose aspirin every other day may lower a women’s risk of colorectal cancer, according to a study.

Researchers looked at nearly 40,000 healthy women taking either low dose 100 milligram aspirin or a placebo.

They found women saw an even larger benefit 10 years after starting the drug.

“Women could perhaps consider it if they are at high risk for colorectal cancer, if they have a history of polyps or if there is a history of colorectal cancer in their family, they may want to consider taking it for that reason,” said Nancy Cook of Brigham and Women’s hospital.

Doctors caution there are risks, citing the fact women in the study had higher rates of stomach bleeding and ulcers.

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