Friend shares home video of girl before murder -

Friend shares home video of girl before murder

SAGINAW, Texas — With charm and poise, Alanna Gallagher did what little girls do with their friends: She sang and told stories.

Some of those moments were captured on cell phone video. Alanna's friend shared those images with News 8.

In one of the clips, the six-year-old is seen singing the song "Soft Kitty." When she finished, she looked at the camera and said, "Bye!"

The child's body was discovered July 1 by two teens about a mile from her home in Saginaw. Her hands and feet were bound, the teens said.

On Thursday, neighbors, friends and strangers met in the parking lot of the Saginaw Senior Center. They came with Alanna in their hearts and with purple ribbons in their hands. Purple was her favorite color.

"I want to see it purple, like TCU purple," said Saginaw resident Eva Crawford.

More than 30 people joined Crawford to sprinkle the city's main street with ribbons. They walked to every intersection along North Saginaw Boulevard leaving touches of purple.

Crawford said this serves both as a tribute to Alanna and a message to her killer.

"Whoever did do it, this is the drag through Saginaw. They are going to have to drive down this road," she said. "They are going to see that color. They are going to know as a community, we are watching them."

Investigators are reviewing more than 100 surveillance videos from businesses and homes. They are chasing every tip and every lead, but still have named no suspects in the case.

Detectives don't yet have a cause of death. They are also waiting for lab results from the medical examiner, which could take two more weeks.

"When it comes to trace evidence, it does take time, and including DNA," said Saginaw police spokesman Damon Ing. "It's not like what we see on TV — it does take lot of time to get that evidence in."

The FBI has posted 20 billboards across North Texas asking for tips. The agency is offering a $10,000 reward in the case.

Alanna's funeral services are set for Thursday.


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