Matheny: Umpire disrespected one of my players -

Matheny: Umpire disrespected one of my players

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By Scott Bierman By Scott Bierman

(BaseballStL) -- Chicago Cubs closer Kevin Gregg threw a great pitch on the inside corner to Matt Adams for a called third strike and the first out of the ninth inning. Adams gave a short argument to home plate umpire Dan Bellino while walking back to the dugout from the plate. No ejections. Play resumes.

Incident over, right? Wrong.

After David Freese flew out to end the game, a 3-0 loss, Mike Matheny decided to give Bellino a piece of his mind about the way he treated Adams. Bellino quickly ejected Matheny from the game, which was already over, as he was making his way off the field.

Matheny, who had to be restrained by two umpires, told the media following the game that he felt Bellino disrespected Adams by taking off his mask and making a ‘shooing’ motion towards his player.

The replay shown on TV didn’t lie and neither did Matheny. Bellino does make the ‘shooing’ motion with his hands towards Adams, who was already making his way back to the dugout. Is it a veteran umpire showing dominance over a rookie hitter? Hopefully not, but the demeaning motion definitely won’t sit well with Matheny or any of the St. Louis Cardinals.

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