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Police patrols called off in Uplands Park fueled by missing payments

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – A deal in north St. Louis has left the people of one community without a police force to patrol the streets.

Authorities in Velda City are no longer patrolling the streets in Uplands Park after a contract was terminated. The deal included Uplands Park paying Velda City $5,000 a month for the policing.

According to the Velda City Police Chief, the money stopped coming in for the assistance.

“We took a chance and haven’t been paid for that service since April. So that’s a $10,000 fee,” Police chief Dan Paulino said.

He thought his department was helping out their neighbors by charging a flat-rate of $5,000 a month for police patrols.

The contract was terminated after Paulino said the money stopped coming in.

“Every time we got paid it was by a check, so if Henry’s claiming we’ve been paid, I’d like to see those checks. I can assure you they have not been paid,” Chief Paulino said.

Uplands Park Chairman Henry Elwenofu insists Uplands Park doesn’t owe Velda City a thing.

When asked if he had cancelled check to show News 4’s Chris Stanford, Elwenofu said “ I’don’t, we are not in a court of law. They know quite alright that when they terminated the contract that it wasn’t because of a lack of payment.”

One of his own trustees said Elwenofu hasn’t been clear on where the Village’s money is going.

“Since July 2, he has refused to turn over any checks to us and by us I mean the three women trustees on the board.” NAME

After several attempts Elwenofu would not say why the contract was terminated and why his community is without a constant police presence. “I don’t want to discuss why it ended,” Elwenofu said.

If Uplands Park doesn’t make good on the bill, Velda City will sue. 


An Emergency Village Trustee Meeting was held on Thursday night to figure out a solution.

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