Neighbors grow concerned over dangers of dilapidated Hazelwood h -

Neighbors grow concerned over dangers of dilapidated Hazelwood home

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer
By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – A vacant home in Hazelwood has fallen into disrepair and has some neighbors concerned.

The house, which sits north of Interstate 270 and east of Howdershell has fallen into disrepair yet no one has taken care of it.

It’s board up and has caught fire once and the shingles are missing from the roof. Kayle Jurszyk lives next door and she’s afraid to let her children play in their own backyard.

“I’ve seen rodents; I’ve seen everything running around in the back yard.”

Other neighbors say they’ve seen lots of snakes but it’s not just the animals neighbors are worried about.

A man who minimally cleaned up the house told Jurczyk there is about three feet of water in the basement and mold everywhere.

“It didn’t bother me until they told me about the water just because I know mold and all of that. I literally live two feet from the house,” Jurczyk said.

Neighbors say they’ve called the city for years; they want to know when Hazelwood will take action.

Tim Davidson told News 4’s Jasmine Huda “We contacted the city of Hazelwood about this house. It is aware of what is going on and the potential threat to the neighborhood. It tells us its attorneys are handling this case in the St. Louis County Courts and can’t comment because the litigation is pending.”

That’s not the answer neighbors want to hear.

“It caught on fire, every window is boarded up, and the basement is completely flooded. I don’t know why they are leaving it there in the first place.

According to an attorney handling the case, the legal process is moving forward with the goal of having the house either repaired or demolished although they can’t give us a timeline. 

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