Food trucks could be moving into the Brentwood neighborhood -

Food trucks could be moving into the Brentwood neighborhood

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – Restaurants established in the Brentwood neighborhood are fighting city officials to restrict food trucks from moving in.

News 4 learned the food trucks are coming to the area but not without restrictions although the exact rules are still being sorted out.

Some concerns are coming from the city’s two dozen food establishment that the food trucks, popular with the lunch crowd, will cut into their bottom line.

Brentwood is considering the invasion of food trucks but with some restrictions. Venders would be required to complete a permit application and the trucks would also be required to operate at a minimum of 300 feet away from brick and mortar establishments.

The proposal issued to the Brentwood Board of Alderman also included the sunset provision; which would allow trucks to be around for a twelve-month period they will evaluate the potential harm those trucks could bring to the city.

The Board of Alderman will take up this issue of food trucks next month. 

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