Video: Handcuffed woman maced by officer at local police station -

Video: Handcuffed woman maced by officer at local police station

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) – News 4 uncovered a video that shows allegedly abuse by Wellston Police Department after an arrest in April. 

Wellston Police arrested Stephanie Douglas in April for several misdemeanors. She was handcuffed to a bench in the police station when the incident took place.

The video from the police station clearly shows Douglas and the officer yelling at one another. The officer then reportedly gets up, pulls out his pepper spray and sprays Douglas, twice.

The woman in the video tells News 4 she was arguing with the officer but says she never threatened him.

“If the audio part was working, it would tell he was cussing me out, calling me out by name. We were going back and forth; I guess I said something he didn’t like. That’s when he stood up and mace me in my face,” Douglas said.

Douglas said she suffers from asthma and had trouble breathing after she was sprayed. She also said she reportedly sat for several minutes along before anyone came to her aid.

“In his mind, he was defending himself. I probably would have handled it differently,” Wellston Police Chief Walker said after feviewing the video. 

The officer told the chief Douglas was spitting at him and refused to stop.

“I felt disciplinary action was warranted and I imposed one but the officer wasn’t satisfied with it and spoke to some of the council members and it was reversed,” Chief Walker said of the incident.

Douglas plans to hire an attorney and more needs to be done. The actions taken against the officer included loss of pay and loss of time.

Chief Walker told News 4’s Steve Savard this is the first complaint of this kind involving this officer.

Walker is taking steps to make sure this never happens again and is writing new procedures for his officers involving when they can and cannot use their defensive weapons. 

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