Beef, pork prices decrease as drought forces increase in availab -

Beef, pork prices decrease as drought forces increase in available meat

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

St. Louis (KMOV-TV) --  The heat and drought gripping much of the country are not letting up. In St. Louis there have been 23 deaths so far blamed on the heat. In the summer of 2011 the heat was said to be responsible for 21 deaths in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Cool Down St. Louis is offering help.

The number to call for help is 314-241-7668. When you call that number a recorded message from St. Louis Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson will tell you how to get help.

Other parts of the country have been dealing with drought conditions for a few years now. Texas ranchers have been selling off their livestock because they can't afford the livestock feed and pastures are brown and dying.

Experts say the price of beef and pork is expected to drop as the market gets an abundance of meat. But that's for the short run. But one expert says it may take years to rebuild the smaller herds so the prices are expected to go up, perhaps through 2015.

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