Governor Nixon on drought: Missouri is ready to ignite -

Governor Nixon on drought: Missouri is ready to ignite

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KMOV) -- Because of the severe drought, Missouri is a tinder box ready to ignite, according to Governor Jay Nixon.

Nixon says the conditions are so bad that all 114 counties affected by the drought are now officially considered disaster areas. That includes the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County.

But it especially affects those people involved in the state’s agriculture industry. Because of the disaster area declaration, farmers now qualify for low-interest loans and other recovery assistance.

Another big concern is the risk of fire.

Nixon said he’s calling on first responders to continue their efforts and keep people safe from what he calls a “very real” danger.

“We saw what happened in Colorado and as well as southern Missouri, fires going from tree top to tree top,” he said. “That can occur in areas right around the cities also, so we are asking folks to be very, very careful with fire.”

Governor Nixon said at one point in the last week, there were at least 107 fires burning in the state at the same time.

He said having the entire state designated as a disaster area, is unique and historic.

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