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Ellisville woman scammed after applying for job on Craigslist

ELLISVILLE, Mo. (KMOV) -- An unemployed Ellisville woman thought she got a new job, but instead was the victim of identity theft.

Mary Cibuika had been looking for a job in administration and recently found one in the “jobs” section on Craigslist.

Cibuika said the company notified her they were interested.

“Saying, ‘hey, we shortlisted you and want you to come in for an interview next Friday,’” she recalled. “I thought, ‘oh great, I got a nibble, something’s going to work out.’”

But first, the company wanted references, a resume and a credit report.

“So you could get a credit report and then said just provide the reference number for that report and then we’ll set up the interview,” Cibuika said.

Cibuika said she filled out the paperwork, but started to get an uneasy feeling after some time passed.

“Usually the response from companies is pretty immediate and I didn’t get a response at all,” she said.

It turned out there was no response because the company did not exist. It was all a scam to get her social security number and other information from her credit card.

Cibuika contacted the Missouri Attorney General and was told it was a known identity-theft scam.

The attorney general and Craigslist offer this advice:

Get the company name, and do an online search to make sure it is legitimate.

Never send any personal information, like social security or bank account numbers, before you are hired.

Never agree to pay any fees as part of the hiring process.

Cibuika now encourages everyone to be careful.

“I’m hoping I’m not another victim of identity fraud,” she said.

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