City makes plan to further address dangerous exit on I-55 -

City makes plan to further address dangerous exit on I-55

ST. LOUIS ( -- The interchange at Interstate 55 and Loughborough continues to cause grave concern for a local neighborhood.

Another wreck ended up in a front yard where children could have been playing. 

News 4 asked the city what they’re planning to do about what’s considered one of the most dangerous exits  in the city.

Cars continue to fly up the ramp, and residents say the barriers just aren’t enough.

The latest crash sent a car slamming into the front steps of a house; the same spot where a toddler was killed just over a year ago.

According to City Streets Director Todd Waelterman, the city plans to add another 10 foot barrier.

He says the initial barriers actually did help because when the driver the other night slammed into them, it did in fact slow him down. He does agree it was too close of a call, however.

Along with another barrier, police presence in the area may be increased.

Waelterman says the city is certainly concerned, and resident’s safety is their number one priority.

“The key is this last accident when they were coming in so fast they actually hit barriers, they hit 8,000 pounds of barriers and moved them- which took a lot of energy away from crash- yet they skidded another 150 feet down the road so you can imagine how fast they were going,” he said.

The city reports they have already spent $10,000 on the initial barriers, and the additional work will cost another $1,000.

Despite the cost, Waelterman says he’s confident it will make a difference.

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