Lynn shows rest is the last thing he needs -

Lynn shows rest is the last thing he needs

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

Seven innings, one run, 10 strikeouts.  And Lance Lynn needed to rest a little bit? I laugh.

Yes, I’m fully aware the 25-year old is approaching an innings threshold that he’s never seen before.  It’s a slight concern at worst, part of the process at best.

But watching Lynn on the mound against the Brewers he showed just how much of a bulldog he is.  At 6’5” and 250 pounds, that man was born to pitch 200+ innings.  And you can’t throw 200 innings unless you’re allowed to do it.

On June 13th, Lynn had a 2.42 ERA and was as dominant as any pitcher in baseball.  From there all it took was 3, yes 3, poor starts for many to begin voicing concern.  15.1 innings, 17 runs allowed and the next thing you know his ERA spiked to 3.62. 

He must be fatigued, many would say. 

It’s a convenient excuse.  A nice way to rationalize why someone pitching so well could possibly struggle.

But in the end, it was something else.  Lance Lynn simply just pitched poorly.  A novel concept, I know.  Whenever something happens we always try and make sense of it.  Why it happened.  How to fix it.  Everything.

Sometimes the answer, however, is the simplest one.  In this case it was just Lynn going out and not locating his fastball as well as he normally does. 

And he once again has showed over his last 2 starts that he’s fully capable of making those adjustments and pitching like he was to begin the year.  After that rough 3-start stretch from June 19th to June 30th Lynn rediscovered his fastball and dialed it up a notch.  13 innings, 1 run, 17 strikeouts since then. 

Not bad, eh?

With the Cards in search of pitching at the trade deadline it’s a popular thought to acquire a starter and get Jaime Garcia back healthy...thereby moving Lance Lynn and Joe Kelly to the bullpen.

I think that would be a mistake.  At least the part about moving Lynn.  First of all, the price to get a starter good enough to warrant bumping someone like him is astronomical while relievers come much cheaper.  Second of all, Lynn in a starter.  Period.

Starting pitchers are on the mound for, hopefully, 200 innings.  Relievers?  Somewhere around 75 or so.  That’s more than twice as many innings from a starter.  If you’re good enough to start, you start...until your stuff, your health or the situation dictates you move to the ‘pen. 

The Redbirds are in need of starters.  Chris Carpenter is done for the year.  Garcia is out for a little while as well.  There is just no reason to move someone like Lynn out of that spot.  None at all.

Especially when it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to get someone better than him anyway.


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