Naked man tells his side of bizarre mall incident -

Naked man tells his side of bizarre mall incident

DALLAS — It didn't take long for 35-year-old Arthur Walker to get agitated.

"I'm a good guy," he said during an interview at the Dallas County Jail. "I made a mistake, and I wish you would stop making it out like I'm crazy... I am not crazy."

Walker is the man who made national headlines last week after driving his pickup truck into Southwest Center Mall Friday morning while wearing no clothes.

He conceded this strange behavior was not normal. He also admitted he was on drugs when he was arrested Friday morning.

"I began in South Dallas," he explained. "A friend of mine and I were scrapping for iron, and around five or six a.m. he handed me a cigarette, and it was laced with PCP, so I smoked it."

Walker said he was hallucinating when he drove his pickup into the entrance of the mall, traveling 50 feet until he slammed into the glass doors of a store.

He said he was so high, he walked over glass and thought the world was coming to an end.

"I got in my truck. I stopped two or three people to tell them to get in the truck because it was the end of the world... Jesus was coming," Walker said. "When I got to my baby mama's house, I was trying to protect the kids."

Walker said they told him to go put some clothes on. That's where he got the idea of going to the mall.

"When you are not in the right state of mind, you don't think properly... you're thinking under the influence," he explained.

So he broke into the Champs sporting goods store after crashing through the glass doors and stole some tennis shoes, some shorts, and a tank top.

"In my mind, I wanted to have nice things, so I went to the mall because I wanted to look good for Jesus," Walker explained.

Now, he'll have to worry about how he looks before a judge, since he's facing a burglary charge. It's an unfortunate situation, considering Arthur Walker graduated from the prestigious DISD Law Magnet High School.

Walker says he now wants to get some help to deal with his drug and alcohol use.

"I completely apologize," he said. "I was not in the right state of mind. I will seek counseling. I will seek help."


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