Man says he raped teen to get revenge on her family -

Man says he raped teen to get revenge on her family

NEW CANEY -- Investigators in Montgomery County, Texas are sorting through an alleged sexual assault that involves pent up years of aggression and longing for revenge.

Charles Andrew Capps, 21, is now behind bars.

Back in November, officials said a 14-year-old girl claimed Capps sexually assaulted her.

Deputies said Capps proceeded to taunt the girl online for weeks on end. He allegedly sent lewd photos and messages on a number of different occasions.

He was reportedly using a fake profile name so the girl did not know it was him.

“The reason behind the sexual assault is troubling,” said Capt. Mark Seals with Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office.

Capps was reportedly on a mission to “get even.”

“He alleges his own sister was sexually assaulted four or five years ago. According to him, he carried out this grudge,” explained Capt. Seals.

According to deputies, Capps claims that his sister’s attacker was a member of the girl’s family. Authorities were not involved at the time so charges were never pursued.

“He figured what better way to pay the family back that assaulted my sister,” said Capt. Seals.

Deputies say Capps’ online advances toward the girl were relentless, even though her mother tried to stop it.

“He was pretty much taunting her, telling her catch me if you can. He even wrote in there, maybe you can call Spiderman, maybe he can help,” said Capt. Seals.

Capps reportedly stole the IP address of a registered sex offender in New Caney. He allegedly used that IP address to terrorize the girl and her family.

Deputies quickly figured out that the sex offender was not the culprit. The investigation eventually led to Capps, and deputies say he admitted to almost everything.

“When I talked to him, the first initial interview with him, I told him that Spiderman had sent me,” added Capt. Seals.

Capps is charged with second degree felony sexual assault of a child and third degree felony online solicitation of a minor.

He faces a 20-year prison sentence, if convicted.

Deputies are now looking into claims that Capps sent lewd photos and messages to up to 10 other underage girls.

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