Present and past Blues relive the 80s at casino night -

Present and past Blues relive the 80s at casino night

(HockeyStL) -- With the ice surface tucked away and a gambling floor in place, members of the St. Louis Blues flipped over cards and rolled dice for charity at the Scottrade Center Monday night.

Fans had the opportunity to play craps with Alex Pietrangelo, poker with David Perron, try their luck at roulette with Brian Elliott and meet the rest of the team during a 1980s themed evening.

For one night only, the mullet was back in style.

“Oh yeah, I would absolutely be a mullet guy.” Kevin Shattenkirk said. “I mean if it was socially acceptable now I would try to pull it off I think. Some guys are trying to bring it back and it’s not getting a great reception, but hopefully we can do our best.”

Brett Hull, who was a rising star in the ‘80s, was also on hand to raise money for the Blues 14 Fund.

When asked if the ‘80s was his favorite decade, Hull said: “My favorite was the '90s. It was a lot of fun and it culminated in 1999 and 2000 with a Stanley Cup. The nineties was a great year and I spent all but two of them with the St. Louis Blues.”

Hull’s choice of game on gambling night: craps.

“I like to have the dice in my hand and I’m cutting my own throat,” Hull said. “I always bet with the table. That’s my thought anyway. Unless you see a guy and it’s gone around the table a few times and he hasn’t rolled anything then you might go against. That’s when I don’t put anything out.”

For Cathy Haney, a longtime Blues fan, winning wasn’t expected to happen on the gambling floor. It was the chance to meet the players that enticed her to attend.

“That’s very seldom,” Haney said of her chances of winning. “But it’s a ball and (the players) are all so sweet. I look forward to them.”

With four arcade games nearby, including the classic Pac-Man and Galaga, it gave fans the opportunity to reflect on their younger years.

“We like the Blues and we love the eighties,” Roger Wright said. “The ‘80s are awesome. I was a kid in the '80s. The cartoons were the best in the ‘80s.”

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