St. Louis police officer faces sanctions for alleged assault at -

St. Louis police officer faces sanctions for alleged assault at Lumiere Place

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(KMOV) – A hearing began on Monday involving a St. Louis police officer accused of beating a man during an arrest at downtown Lumiere Place Casino last July.

Charles Proctor was suspended from his job as a patrol officer in October after he allegedly assaulted Jermaine Lacy on July 5.

Proctor was defending himself at a disciplinary hearing that started Monday. After hearing evidence in the case, a hearing officer will recommend a punishment to the Board of Police Commissioners.

According to police, Lacy, 36, was at the casino on July 5 when he allegedly stole money from another gambler. Lacy, who had already been banned from Missouri casinos because of a previous trespassing charge, tried outrunning casino security but was eventually caught.

Police say Proctor went to the casino to help make the arrest. According to authorities, surveillance video shows Proctor putting his hands around Lacy’s neck during the arrest. They also say Proctor used abusive language.

Lacy says during the arrest, Proctor and Missouri State Trooper Sgt. Phillip Hoffman injured him badly enough to cause an asthma attack, which led to him needing a wheelchair to be taken to a police car.

Lacy then admitted to making fun of Proctor about his weight, which may have led to the attack.

Proctor’s attorney says the hearing officer should focus on Lacy’s record, since he was not supposed to be at a casino because of a 2010 trespassing charge.  Lacy also has a 2001 conviction for statutory rape.

Proctor was initially arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault and third-degree assault,  but charges were never field.


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