St. Louis County begins demolishing vacant buildings -

St. Louis County begins demolishing vacant buildings

GLASGOW VILLAGE, Mo. ( -- St. Louis County began demolishing more than 40 vacant buildings in Glasgow Village and Spanish Lake on Monday, part of an effort to attract new businesses to the area.

County Executive Charlie Dooley said tearing down just a few abandoned structures can help boost property values.

"There are some strip malls, there are some...houses, that need to be torn down to beautify the community," Dooley said. "Sometimes, just taking out one or two houses on a block can really enhance the community. Clearing out a delapidated strip mall can really add value to that community."

The county increased its demolition budget from $72,000 to $722,000 to knock down the "chronic eyesore structures." Previously, St. Louis County could only knock down buildings that had lost 50 percent or more of their value through fire or abandonment.

Dooley said 41 buildings are set to be torn down, mostly in north St. Louis County. Demolition of a strip mall in Glasgow Village begins at 1:30 p.m. on Monday.

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