Questionable call almost blows game for Blues -

Questionable call almost blows game for Blues

(HockeyStL) -- Add the most recent Blues penalty to list of questionable calls/non-calls that have gone against the Blues this season.

With one minute and 43 seconds left in a 2-1 game, Blues defenseman Barret Jackman raced Blue Jackets forward Cam Atkinson to touch an icing puck. One of the players touched it, but a whistle blew for a boarding penalty against Jackman.

It was an unpopular call for the home fans to swallow who let the referees know their opinion. Jackman sides with the fan’s displeasure for the call.

“It’s an icing call. The guy had a lot of speed to get around me and I was just trying to separate him from the puck. He was going down and I didn’t finish the check fully. The ref sees one thing and I think I did another,” Jackman said.

Ken Hitchcock agrees.

“I didn’t like it, but I didn’t think it was a call,” Hitchcock added after the 2-1 victory.

The problem many fans may have was the penalty seemed to be called way after the play. Also, the referee near center ice was the first one to make the call.

The questionable call may have brought up the disgusting memories of Vladimir Tarasenko taking a shoulder to the head during a blindsided hit that resulted in no penalty.

David Backes was also kicked out of a late game in early February when the referees penalized the Blues forward for targeting the head of Red Wings defenseman Kent Huskins -- Backes made no contact with Huskins’ head.

It’s old news now as the Blues held on to kill off the penalty and beat the Blue Jackets 2-1.

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