Illinois concealed carry supporters celebrate federal court ruling -

Illinois concealed carry supporters celebrate federal court ruling

ST. CLAIR COUNTY ( -- Illinois supporters of concealed carry celebrated a decision by a Federal Appeals Court on Friday.

The court rejected the state's request to reconsider a ruling that Illinois' ban on concealed carry is unconstitutional.

The clock is winding down to a June deadline for a concealed carry law to be passed. But the Attorney General can still submit an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, which could set back concealed carry in Illinois for another year.

"It draws a line that the decision stands," said Mark Palmisano, with the group Carry Illinois.

The latest ruling now puts the focus on Springfield, where there are at least two bills pending for concealed carry.

Okawville Republican David Luechtefeld is co-sponsoring one of those bills.

"There will be negociations, one side trying to make it restrictive, and that would be the Chicago Democrats, and then maybe southern Illinois legislators would like it less restrictive," Luechtefeld said.

But the political battle may not happen if state leaders opposed to concealed carry decide to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the Attorney General has 90 days to make a decision.

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