St. Louis woman has terrifying ride after accelerator sticks on -

St. Louis woman has terrifying ride after accelerator sticks on Interstate 70

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

( -- A Texas teenager was trapped inside a car racing at speeds of 120 miles per hour, after the accelerator became stuck in his Hyundai. A St. Louis woman had a similar experience with a struck accelerator, also while driving a Hyundai.

Sheila Price pulled on to Interstate 70 at Lucas and Hunt on her way to work, when suddenly her SUV accelerated out of control.

"It was like it was possessed, it just took off on it's own," Price said.

Price's Hyundai Santa Fe raced down I-70 at increasing speeds, and despite slamming on the brakes, the vehicle would not slow down.

"And then I looked, it went past 55, it went to 60, it went to 65 and then it got to 70, 75, 80 and I'm like, 'Oh my God,'" Price said. "And I'm saying, 'Oh, my God, what's wrong with the car?' And I'm hitting the brakes, and the brakes wouldn't stop it, and I'm doing like this with the gears and that wouldn't stop it."

Price pulled off the roadway at the Bircher exit going 90 miles per hour, hoping a collision would stop her vehicle and prevent an accident on the highway. She eventually shifted her Hyundai into neutral and stopped the vehicle. Later, Price said she found out she was not the only Hyundai owner to experience a stuck accelerator.

The teenage driver in Texas flipped his vehicle four times, sending him to the hospital. Hyundai denies a problem, however, saying it is "extremely unlikely for simultaneous and spontaneous total system failures to occur at the same time,"

Price said she is nervous every time she gets behind the wheel of her Hyundai Santa Fe. She said she hopes to trade it in for a new vehicle sometime this year, if the car dealership will take it back.

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